Harbor Cam
Lake Michigan view from Snyder's Shoreline Inn in Ludington, sponsored by the Ludington Daily News

You must have Java installed to view the pan tilt zoom harbor cam
(The pan tilt zoom controls are temporarily unavailable. Please check back soon.)
Or watch our regular stationary camera featured below.

Welcome to the Ludington Daily News' new pan-tilt-zoom camera at the Lake Michigan waterfront. Watch a tutorial show how the camera works.

To control the camera you must press the "start control" button at the bottom right corner of the viewer. Then you can either use the preset spots with the drop down menu at the bottom center of the viewer or use the individual slider bars to control the movement of the camera.

The lower slider bar controls the panning, or right to left, motion along the horizon. And the outer slider bar on the right side of the viewer controls the zoom function of the camera. The inner slider bar on the right controls the tilting of the camera, but it's pretty much a waste of time to use unless you want to check out the shingles on the top of Snyder's Shoreline Inn, who we thank greatly for the access to the roof for the camera. You can also click on the image itself, and that will center the camera to whatever you click on, and then you can zoom from there.

Viewers maintain control of the camera for 2 minutes, a little longer if no one is in line waiting and can watch the view for 10 minutes before getting disconnected. This is to allow as many people to watch the camera as possible. You can simply refresh the screen, and if the limit of viewers is not exceeded, you'll get back in.

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